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Ropeways Transport Limited is a Special Purpose Vehicle that seeks to deploy a Mass Urban `Cable Propelled Transit system in the Lagos Metropolitan Area Called the “Lagos Sky Bus”. 

The Project will serve as an affordable and reliable transportation alternative to the more than 12 million daily commuters in Lagos who are currently compelled to utilise articulated buses, motorcycles, ferries and private vehicles on severely congested roads within the Lagos Metropolis. It is also expected to provide significant returns to investors and potentially reduce the carbon footprint in Central Lagos by up to 30%.
The Project comprises the ownership, construction, and operation of the “Franchise” for Aerial Cable Cars in designated areas and on pre-agreed routes as a solution to the commuter congestion suffered on a daily basis in Lagos, Nigeria. RTL has negotiated a 30-year franchise agreement with the Government of Lagos State for the operation of 3 routes, namely:
- Ijora to Adeniji Adele, via Iddo;
- Adeniji Adele to Ozumba, via Obalende and Falomo;
- Apapa to Adeniji Adele, via Oluwole.
RTL’s initial plan is to ameliorate the existing congestion on the six (6) main bridges connecting Lagos Mainland to Lagos Island. These routes account for a significant proportion of the millions of passengers carried by the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) and Danfo services annually and it is believed that the Project will go a considerable way to address the congestion problem in the current system.
It is planned that the LCCT (Lagos Cable Car Transit) project will relieve the congestion at pinch points between Lagos Mainland, Lagos Island and Victoria Island. The selection of these termini also allows passengers to interchange with both existing and future planned transport projects over longer distances.
The LCCT will operate completely independent of the state grid with each station having its own natural gas (primary) and diesel (standby) power generating plants with rotary UPS backup. Other centralized facilities including management offices, operational control rooms, maintenance workshops and a Eumetsat real-time satellite weather and predictive forecasting station. The Project will provide commuters with an affordable, safe, timely and stress-free mode of transportation around the metropolis.
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29 Aug, 2014
March 2014: EPC/OEM Contracts Negotiated.
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29 Aug, 2014
January 2013: Traffic, Legal and Technical advisers Selected
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Our Partner is the world-wide renowned Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group

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